Arbor Day – Importance of Planting Tree – A popular Day

Introduction about Arbor Day:

Arbor Day is celebrated on 28th April every year. Arbor Day was originated in Nebraska City in 1872 and was founded by J. Sterling Morton. On first Arbor Day of the history approximately 1 million trees were planted. Today this day is celebrated in many countries and there is also an Arbor Day foundation that is running successfully. This article is written by Full Assignment Help UK

Goals and Objectives of Arbor Day:

The main goal and objective of this foundation is to have a cleaner and greener place to live that’s why they focus on plantation and greenery. The Arbor Day foundation is a purely non-profit organization. Currently this organization consists of millions of members worldwide who take active part in making the world greener and healthier. Today Arbor Day foundation is the biggest non-profit membership organization contribution in tree plantation.

Importance of Plants for World:

Arborday celebrate

We all know how important plants and trees are for our environment and that’s why there are many companies running CSR (Corporate social responsibility) programs. Many companies have a partnership with this foundation giving benefit to the environment by donating or contributing for tree planting. Not just small or average businesses are taking part in this but also many big renowned businesses are taking part too.

The importance of tree plantation and greenery is high and we are all aware about it and that’s why in all the schools there are regular awareness campaigns for the kids to learn about tree plantation and its importance. Many different activities are arranged where kids plant a tree and gets involved in gardening. There are some schools and colleges that offer short gardening courses. Time has changed a lot of things so it has changed people’s mentality and their point of view. Few years back hardly people use to have a home garden, only people living in villages or small towns use to have them but now there are so many people having a home garden and they grow plants and trees themselves, they believe in having a kitchen garden too and they grow fruits and vegetables. When it comes to tree plantation there are many people who make mistakes so here are some of the ways you can plant a tree or you can consider it as tree plantation tips:

Arbor tree planting

  • Make up your mind that what kind of tree you will plant: you should know what kind of tree you want to plant for that obviously you will carry out a research. During research do find out about the below points. Doing this will keep you on the right track.
  • Keep your local climate in mind: For planting a tree one of the most important things are to keep the climate in your mind. Make sure you are aware about the climate as this will help you in selecting the right plant. In many cases plants die in few weeks or few days as the climate they are planted in is not suitable for them. You will have to do a research on this.
  • Your land must be in consideration: there is always a difference in the lands no matter the climate is same or not, some lands are more fertile and have lots of soil meanwhile some are not really reach in soil and are not really fertile. Choose your plant according to your land.
  • Follow the laws for digging holes and planting trees: there are some basic rules and regulation and some basic laws for planting a tree that must be followed so do read them and follow them during the plantation process.
  • Take expert’s opinion: if you are doing this for the first time or if you have recently started this work then make sure you take some help and advice from the professionals and experienced people.
  • Time to buy your plant: once all the background research has been done now you can simply by your plant according to the land, climate and laws.
  • Choose the right time: it is very important that you choose the right time of the year to plant the tree. Make sure the time is appropriate to plant a tree according to the land, climate and the plant type.
  • Preparations shouldn’t be neglected: you just cannot but a tree and plant it as it is on your land, you will have to do some arrangements and prepare the tree for planting in order to get good outcome.
  • You need to mark the land: you need to mark the best places on the land where you can plant the tree and then start the process.
  • Measurements and calculations should be there: math is everywhere even in planting you will have to measure and calculate things. Always measure the root ball of the plant and then prepare the hole for plantation accordingly.
  • Plant and adjust the position: once done with the above mentioned process you will now finally place the plant in the hole and fix its position then cover the hole properly. After all this of course you have to water the tree regularly and maintain it on regular basis.

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